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Mark Paul Gosselaar Reveals: Zack Morris Was Not a Natural Blonde!

Mark Paul Gosselaar blew the minds of ‘90s kids everywhere on Tuesday when he admitted to Jimmy Fallon that he – and his iconic Saved by the Bell character Zack Morris – are not natural blondes. “My mother is from Indonesia,” he explained. “My mother is this tiny little Indonesian woman! People don’t know this:

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Viola Davis on Post-Emmys Win: I Ate McDonald’s French Fries ‘As If I Hadn’t Eaten Them in Five Years’

Viola Davis received a standing ovation on Sunday night after giving an emotional acceptance speech at the Emmys, though she says there’s a really good reason she didn’t even notice the applause. “I felt a great wall of silence, and I think I felt that way because I saw the McDonald’s French fries backstage, and

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Tracy Morgan Returns to TV with Surprise Emmys Appearance

Tracy Morgan returned to TV on Sunday night for the first time since his devastating car accident, when he showed up unexepectedly to the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Morgan appeared on the red carpet alongside his two leading ladies in wife Megan Wollover and their 2-year-old daughter Maven,

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Gwen Stefani Set to Perform Special Show for Fans in N.Y.C.

Gwen Stefani made a very special announcement on Tuesday, revealing that she will be performing a special show in New York City next month. “Working with MasterCard to surprise my fans and deliver something truly unique and unpredictable has been a really special part of this year,” she said. “I look forward to another amazing

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